Preparing for your Septic Pump Out

  • What do I have to do before you arrive?
  • We require that you locate your septic tank in your yard. We ask that you remove the dirt from above your lid before we arrive. Do not remove your lid. If you want to remove your lid to inspect your tank, please place it back on top of your tank for safety reasons. 
  • How long does it take to pump my septic tank?
  • We estimate that a typical tank cleaning takes 15 to 30 minutes. It might take additional time if your tank has very heavy sludge or it has been several years since its last pumping. 
  • Do I need to be at my home when you are there?
  • No, you do not need to be at home, however your payment is due upon completion. We do not bill for residential septic pumping. You may leave cash or check for us and we will leave you a receipt.

Septic Tank Maintenance Practices and Follow-Up

  • Do you locate my septic tank?
  • No. You as the homeowner are responsible for locating and uncovering the lid to your septic tank. 
    If you do not know where your tank is located, you can use a probe and metal detector to locate it. However, if your tank is extremely difficult to locate, or it is suspected that it is located under a deck, patio, or driveway, you may use a flushable electronic locator that can help you find your tank. The local health department might also be a resource. 
  • What might affect the quality of my septic tank cleaning?
  • Heavy roots can become entangled with solids. If the roots can't be removed, they and the entangled sludge remain in the tank. If your tank has not been pumped frequently, then the sludge may be extremely thick and hard to remove.

    To improve the cleanliness of your tank, we use an agitator, which helps to break down heavy sludge.
  • Are your hoses long enough to reach my tank without driving over my lawn?
  • Our vacuum truck is equipped with 200 feet of hose and can often pump from the street or your driveway.
  • Do you check the inside of my tank for baffles, walls, cracks, leaks, roots, etc.?
  • Each time we clean a septic tank, we check for any problems in your tank. 
  • Do you pump the tank though the tank lid(s) or the cleanout pipe?
  • We prefer pumping a septic tank through the tank lids, especially if you are having problems with your tank. Often, proper cleaning can not be accomplished through the cleanout, because a 6-inch diameter cleanout pipe does not give us access to properly inspect your tank.  If the tank lid is not uncovered or opened, then we can not inspect your tank properly.
  • Will you remind me the next time my tank should be cleaned?
  • Our company keeps septic pump out records. If requested, we will call, email or send a reminder postcard to you every 3-5 years.

Other Service Questions

  • I have a septic tank emergency. Can you help?
  • We try our best to accomodate all emergency pump outs in a timely fashion. Call us and we'll work to schedule you as soon as possible.

    With proper maintenance, you should never have an emergency. Our goal is that our clients will never have a septic tank emergency again. Ask us about our maintentance program.
  • My lid broke. Can you help me?
  • Some septic tank lids break easily when removed and some lids are sealed to the tank and must be broken to be removed. If the crack or broken lid poses a safety hazard, the lid should be replaced. 

    We do not carry extra lids, however we are able to help you purchase one or recommend how to replace your lid.
  • Do you repair septic tanks?
  • No, but we can recommend someone to help you with your septic tank repair.
  • Do you pump aeration systems?
  • Yes. We do pump aeration systems, but we do not maintain them. We can make recommendations for maintenance. 

Operation, insurance & licensing

  • How long has Morgantown Septic been in business and cleaning tanks?
  • For over 70 years, we've been a family-owned business working in Morgantown and the surrounding areas.

    Want to hear what our customers are saying about us? Upon request, we are happy to provide you customer recommendations or you may look at our reviews on Facebook, Google and other online services.
  • Does Morgantown Septic carry General Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance?
  • Yes, our company is fully licensed, bonded and insured. We care about protecting our customers—homeowners and local businesses like you.
  • Does Morgantown Septic hold proper permits and meet disposal requirements? 
  • Absolutely. You can trust Morgantown Septic to dispose of your waste in a legal and safe manner. We were the first West Virginia company to receive a DEP permit. We are permitted by the local Health Department and we dispose of waste at EPA registered and approved disposal facilities.  As the generator of the waste, you are ultimately responsible for proper waste disposal, therefore Morgantown Septic is able to provide you a disposal manifest after your waste is properly disposed. 

Pricing and Payments

  • How much does it cost to get a septic pump?
  • Give us a call at 304.599.5340 and we will provide you a price quote based on answers to several questions such as:
    Where are you located?
    What size tank do you have?
    How old is your house?
  • When is payment due?
  • Your payment is due upon septic pump out completion. We do not bill for residential septic pumping. If you are not home when we come for your septic pump, you may leave cash or check for us and we will leave you a receipt.

Service area

  • Where in West Virginia do you provide septic pumping?
  • We service North Central West Virginia. Our service area includes, but is not limited to: Cassville, Cheat Lake, Core, Dellslow, Fairmont, Granville, Maidsville, Masontown, Morgantown, Osage, Paw Paw, Pentress,  Pursglove, Reedsville, Rivesville, Star City, and Westover.
  • Where in Pennsylvania do you provide septic pumping?
  • We also provide septic service to Lake Lynn, Mount Morris and Point Marion, Pennsylvania.

General Questions About Septic Pump Outs

  • How often should I have my tank pumped?
  • We recommend a pumping every 3 to 5 years.
  • Should I put additives in my septic tank?
  • We do not recommend additives, not even store-bought additives. Routine regular maintenance on your septic tank is all you need.
  • What should I be careful about flushing?
  • In general, flush NOTHING but toilet tissue and human waste. 

    If you have a septic tank, DO NOT FLUSH flushable wipes or face wash cloths. They do not break down in your septic tank like toilet or tissue paper break down. Also, try to limit the quantity of bleach and toilet cleaner that is flushed. Never pour grease down the drain. Make sure to wipe your pots and pans with a paper towel and dispose of it before washing your dishes. Do not flush tampons or condoms.